My Top Health Tips of 2022

My Top Health Tips of 2022

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Daily Supplements:

Seamoss: (Chondrus Crispus)




Black Seed Oil:


Lion's Mane:


Interment fasting: 

A typical day for me starts with a fruit(seedless) and hemp-seeds (10g protein per tbs) smoothie immediately after a morning workout. I drink spring water in between and consume 2-3 large meals between 12 pm and 7 pm every day. I don't eat solid food after 7 pm and before 12 pm because these are peak digestion and detoxification times.

Fasting is in all cultures traditions and religions it gives your digestive system, liver, pancreas kidneys intestines, and stomach a break since we digest 24/7. 


Daily Calisthenics : 

100 Pushups 

1500 crunches

Circuit Workouts: 

Dips, Pull-ups, Air-squats, Chin Ups,

Ex. 1-10 (200 reps)


1,2,3...10 Push-ups

1,2,3...10 Pull-ups

1,2,3...10 Dips

1,2,3...10 Squats

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