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At Moss N' Roots our mission is to be your go to source for 100% natural holistic alternatives. 


Thinking about going Vegan?

Hey, I'm Mon, My passion is helping others to feel and be the best versions of themselves as so many others do for me! I'd love to hop on a call and set the foundation for your transition to a holistic lifestyle and possibly even an Alkaline or Vegan Diet! This phone call will give us the chance connect and build a gameplay suited to YOUR individual needs. We will discuss, tips, tricks and habits I've used over the years regarding the alkaline lifestyle, wellness, spiritually and mental health and plenty more! There is no better time to take action. I can't wait to get on the line with you!

I will never make tangible suggestions when it comes to diet, exercise, or health. This call serves as a safe space for clients to open up about their goals and roadblocks, and work through those goals and roadblocks with an advocate who both values and understands the importance of total wellness.

Best Wishes,


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