Tree Branch Toothbrush Goes Viral on TiKTok

Tree Branch Toothbrush Goes Viral on TiKTok

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   Budding Tik-Tok sensation @mon.on.monday woke up Friday morning to find almost 1 million views and over 200,000 likes on his trendy and comedic Tik Tok video in which he covered-- in depth-- the ancient Middle Eastern and African practice of brushing with Miswak(aka. Sewak). Tiktokers in the comment section raved about what a hidden gem this powerful little tree branch is in the western world.

   Miswak comes from the Peelu Tree (Salvadora persica). The ancient holistic health gem; Miswak, since the beginning of time or at least seven. So usually it comes in a bunch of individually wrapped packages. For thousands of years maintaining oral health has been known to improve several bodily functions as well as the removal of tartar, bad breath, and plague, while also whitening teeth. The Miswak Oil within the stick has anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties.

How to Use:

1. Just pull it out of the package and place it in water for about 5 minutes to allow the bristles of the tree branch to soften.

2. After soaking just cut or bite about an inch into the thin layer of bark starting at the tip.

3. Gently chew the tip of the Miswak stick to loosen the bristles then brush in between, in front, behind, and around your teeth.

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